Rain sensor not turning off sprinklers

I sent the question below to support, but if anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.

I installed a rain sensor (Toro 53769) using your instructions at,
Currently the black wire is connected to R1 and the red wire at R2. I tried it the other way as well. When testing using the Toro instructions, the app shows it raining, but the sprinklers don’t off.

Is there something else I should be doing?

Hi @djwixx, thanks for reaching out. Looks like your email to support came in afterhours. I’ll follow up on it, but want to reply here as well so other users can benefit from your experience.

A few questions to help me better troubleshoot:

  1. If I’m understanding your feedback correctly, the app is registering within the history feed that “It is raining”?
  2. Assuming yes to #1, are the sprinklers running a scheduled watering time while your testing this? Or are you manually running the sprinklers?

Let me know on these two questions and we can further troubleshoot.

Best, Emil

Thanks for the response Emil. I responded to Krista - in this case it’s user error, i.e. when the sprinklers are on manually, it overrides the sensors. Would it be worth updating the rain sensor diagram that the app response ‘it’s raining’ is a confirmation of the test, contrary to the rain sensor manufacturers instructions? Just a thought.

Thanks again.

Hi @djwixx, glad you and Krista were able to figure out the issue. To answer your question, we’ll update the article to make the troubleshooting steps more clear. I apologize for any confusion.

Hope you’re enjoying your Iro!

Best, Emil