Rain Sensor Messages

I have a Irritrol RS1000 connected to my Iro. The rain sensor detected rain fall and I got an email and message in the history log, The problem occurs when the rain sensor dries out. I get a message that it stopped raining, then a message it’s raining, then a message it’s stopped raining, etc, etc. Is that because the sensor is on the line between wet and dry? Is there a way to limit those messages other than turning them off?

Thanks, Joe

Hi @sjoegarrett, thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that your rain sensor is giving you problems.

From what it sounds like the RS1000 is sending back false negatives. I think the best approach for both notifications and operation of the rain sensor would be to do a quick cleaning and test it. Here’s a few support articles with advise on how to do both:

Rain sensor cleaning

Rain sensor testing

Once you know that the rain sensor is operating correctly, I’d advise you fine tune the duration adjustment on the sensor (a movable window that controls how quickly the internal discs dry out means, most sensors have a twisty collar at the base that either covers up or reveals the air vent, adjusting the speed of drying time and return to normal watering.

Hope this helps. Please keep me posted.

Best, Emil

I’ve done all of your suggestions. It rained the other day and the Iro got the “It’s raining” message. As the sensor started to dry out (I opened the dry collar as suggested) it would bounce the messages back and forth between “It’s stopped raining” and “It’s raining” about 4 or 5 times until I finally got the last “It’s stopped raining” message. It’s doing exactly what is was when I first wrote you. I don’t think you asked but the sensor is new.

Thanks, Joe

I’ve had exactly this problem before, with another smart controller (before my Iro).

In my case, it was a faulty wire between the controller and the sensor. Simple way to troubleshoot (what I did) was to remove the rain sensor from its external mounting location, and connected it directly to the controller with a short (12") test wire, and then activate/deactivate manually using the test button. I used some 16 gauge speaker wire I had laying around. When I did that, the problem went away, which confirmed the wires as being the problem. I ran new wires to my exterior mounting location and problem was solved.

If you find the problem persists with the short/test wire, then I’d try a different sensor connected directly to the controller (with the test wire setup). You can get sensors for less than $20 at home depot. I use this one with my Iro and it works fine. You can always return it as long as you package it back up correctly (don’t cut the wires in the box).

Maybe you don’t have the same problem, but in any case, this could help you rule out the wiring and/or the sensor as being part of the problem.

Well the sensor is wireless and it tests correctly and it’s wired per Rachio, pictures and all. I think while the sensor is drying out it hits that fine line between wet and dry and opens and closes the circuit thus causing the Iro to send multiple messages.

Thanks for the suggestions. Joe

My bad Joe, I completely missed that you were using a wireless sensor. When I read your problem it sounded exactly like a problem I had before so I thought it might be the same issue, but obviously not! :slight_smile:

No problem. Thanks again! :+1:

Hi @sjoegarrett, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Just curious, what do you have the sensitivity set to? If it’s at 1/8", can we try 1/4" or 1/2" and see the same feedback is experienced?

Thanks, Emil

I’ve tried it at 1/2" and 3/4" with the same results.

I’m having a similar issue with a rainbird. I’m convinced it is a problem with the the sensor, but it would be nice if the controller would either sandbag messages for 10 minutes and de-dupe, or ignore subsequent transitions for x number of minutes. Both seem super sucky, which is why I have hesitated on opening and issue or responding to this thread.

Hi @sjoegarrett and @plainsane, hope you’re both having a good weekend!

If your rain sensor wasn’t new, I’d recommend we check the battery in the sensor, but that’s shouldn’t be an issue.

Does the back and forth notifications continue at all after the last “It’s stopped raining” message? I may have to reach out to Irritrol’s support team to see if we can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor’s receiver.

Love the idea. I’ll need to think through this a bit with the development team to see if there’s anything we could do to help with these notifications. Will add it to our backlog.

Sorry I don’t have any solutions in this reply. Just trying to learn more about what you’re experiencing to do some internal testing.

Best, Emil

Once it dries out it’s fine until the next rain that triggers the message, currently set at 3/4 of an inch. Maybe if you could ask Irritrol support about adjustment? Thanks.

Hi @sjoegarrett, I’ll follow up with Irritrol support and see if they have any recommendations.

again, just to be clear, i do not think it is a problem in your product, i think it is a problem with the sensors. my rainbird w2 is brand new and i notice the behavior on high humidity days.

Agreed. Do you have the rain sensor installed on the north or south side of your house?

North east side.