Rain Sensor Issues

Frustrated at this point. Lawn was supposed to be watered this morning but NOT. Emailed support this morning and then sent requested pictures but I’m still waiting… Oh, am I bad…sorry. Anyway I bought a brand new RainBird WR2 Wireless sensor. Hooked it up, wiring seems good, tested it, good. Also connected to PWS and that is not the problem, because in history it stated no precipitation. So I’m wondering what is going on. Any clues or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @Lucille, Emil here. I’m reviewing your support ticket. I’m sorry you’re frustrated, I’ll be in touch via support shortly.

Thanks, Emil

Oh, thank-you!! :heart_eyes:

Sure thing! Just replied on support. Looks like a setting adjustment issue. I’m going to do some testing in house and will let you know what I find out :smile:

Thank you…
Also what do you mean by replied on support?? Are you posting this on a different page??

Good afternoon. If anyone else is experiencing false readings on their rain sensors, please make sure to double check the settings and consider increasing them if the sensor isn’t drying out fast enough to turn off before your scheduled watering time begins. Some rain sensors are very basic and offer very few setting adjustments, whereas others, such as the RainBird WR2 Wireless rain and freeze sensor have more settings then some sprinkler controllers :wink:

I always recommend googling the rain sensor make/model to find a copy of the user manual, then review it for any tips to troubleshoot the issues being experienced.

I’ll be adding rain sensor (and old controller) user manuals to the support site, but for future reference to anyone else doing this thread, here’s a copy of the WR2 user manual. Additionally, we have the most common rain sensors and their Iro wiring diagrams available here.

Lastly, assuming your wiring is correct, it’s always good to do some preventive maintenance to your rain sensor. I’d recommend the following:

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil

Hi Emil,
Awesome, adjusted setpoint for rain to 1/2" and so far A okay! We didn’t get our expected rain so system came on as scheduled. :kissing_heart:

Thank you!

Have a Rainbird WR2 rain sensor with 4 wires: red, green, white and black. Not sure which to connect to the Rachio Gen 2 M, S1, S2, SC and SP terminals. Please advise?

That is how mine is wired, same sensor/

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Hello everyone. I am hoping someone can explain where on the Rachio interface page it shows if the rain sensor is delaying the schedule? I have my Rainbird hooked up, the Rainbird control unit shows its delaying irrigation but I would like to confirm it on the Rachio unit?

Can someone point me in the correct direction?

When it activates and deactivates, it will show up under Device Updates.

@painee Some more information.

Can someone please help me out. I have the RainBird WR2 Rain sensor set up correctly, it shows “Rain Sensor Activated.” and “Rain sensor deactivated” just fine.

My question is, when the “Rain Sensor Activated”, it sets my “Rain Delay” to be the current date/time when the sensor was activated.

So for example, let say my scheduled is to water my lawn on June 18 at 6AM. At approximately 2AM on June 8, it rained hard and my RainBird sent the signal to Rachio to delay watering. At this point, I noticed that Rachio is setting the Rain Delay in the Dashboard to "Rain Delay Until ". So in this example, it would be “Rain Delay Until June 8, 2:00AM”

Why doesn’t it set the "Rain Delay Until " to be the next day or next couple days automatically? Is there some settings which I’m missing?

Thanks for all the help,

What kind of schedule are you running? I’m running Flex Daily and never even bothered to look at the Rain Delay setting when my Rain Sensor Activates. I just know it’s not going to water until the rain sensor deactivates again. Now you’ve made me really curious to take a look at it, and see if it shows something with the Flex schedules.

You need an ifttt recipe to get this behavior.

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