Rain sensor confusion

I think the way rain sensors are displayed while in a rain delay are confusing.

So I get the push alert that rain sensor is activated.
Next morning I get an alert that water was skipped due to rain sensor activated.
No where in the app can I see that the rain sensor is activated.
I have to look at the textual device updates screen to see this.

A visual representation of a rain delay on the dashboard would be much clearer


Agreed. Looking at the iOS app right now there is a wonderful open space between rain delay and devices settings where boolean indicator icons for Rain Sensor or Soil Sensor could exist.


I have also asked for this. It would really help.

Hey @ghctim-

This is a pretty common request. I am going to switch this to product suggestions so I can log this appropriately!

McKynzee :rachio:


if it’s a common request that must mean it really needs to change :wink:

I know I have suggested it before…

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Where would you expect to see your rain sensor status in the app @ghctim? Just for my own research…

@mckynzee I would expect to see it in the top part of the dashboard near online status

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