Rain sensor "calibration"

We finally had some rain here in Southern California. But it was spotty. My rain sensor triggered which means it “saw” 1/4 of rain. But apparently the local weather station did not see any rain.

So, my flex schedule was not run due to the rain sensor (a good thing) but there was no moisture added to the soil. Thus the flex schedule ran the next day.

It would be nice if the Iro could take the rain sensor into account in moisture levels. In my case there had to be at least 1/4 inch precipitation so maybe the flex schedule could have waited a day or so.

I guess one would tell the Iro what the rain sensor was calibrated for. It already knows the amount of time until the sensor reset. Could it guess how much it rained from how long it took the sensor to deplete?

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Hmm…really interesting idea. My fear is that we’ve seen rain sensors that aren’t necessarily that binary…I would be afraid in the drying out process that it could trigger a few false positives and we would add a lot of false data into the system…?

I do like this, struggling a bit with the all of the possibilities for bad data. I’ll get this in our backlog, it might spurn other interesting ideas.

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I hear ya franz, my sensor flutters during each transition.

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