Rain sensor/adding automated 'delay'

Not sure if this has been requested before, as I couldn’t find it anywhere. Apologies if so…

The rain sensor ‘setup’ that rachio currently uses relies on the rain sensor to START and STOP the normal watering cycles. If the rain sensor is ‘engaged’ = no watering. Conversely, rain sensor disengaged = watering cycle continues. Id like the option to engage a user programmable time delay AFTER the rachio senses a rain sensor engagement. For instance, at night it rains and my sensor engages. 5 hours later (by morning) the rain sensor deactivates and my sprinkler system kicks in on its normal cycle.

Summary: I would like the option to add an adjustable hour (say 1-24 hour) delay AFTER the rain sensor has been deactivated that would prevent my watering cycle from activating. Kind of like a ‘time delay- rain delay’. I understand there is a manual delay one can enter each time they feel they’d like to, but I would like to automate the rain delay.


Thanks @Midwestguy.

Just so I understand, you’d like to make sure you don’t water for X number of hours after the rain sensor has dried out. Is that correct?

If so, what’s your concern with watering too quickly after your rain sensor dries out?

Hey Ben. Yes, that’s exactly my thoughts.

I want the ability to extend the no watering time because even though the sensor ‘disc’ is dried/sensor deactivated…the ground is still wet as my soil contains quite a bit of clay AND vegetation that doesn’t like to be too wet for extended periods of time due to mildew/fungus issues/etc.

Side note: I hope you guys implement the rain sensor ‘status’ light on the main screen as one poster had requested. Thought that was a solid idea.

Thanks for the clarification. Very helpful.

Regarding the sensor light, I don’t believe we’ve done that yet. I like the suggestion though. We could improve our representation of sensors in the app.

Thank you Ben…great work/product!

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I don’t know if your familiar with IFTTT (If this then that) They have a recipe that "activates rain delay (in days not hours) after rain sensor deactivated. I know you were looking for “HOURS” to deactivate but just thought I throw this out to you. The site is https://ifttt.com/recipes/318154-activate-rain-delay-days-after-rain-sensor-deactivation
I’ve never used it so can’t vouch for it

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