Rain Sensor activity causing device powercycle?

I noticed that Rachio seems to power cycle after a rain sensor has been activated and deactivated.
I have a Rainbird WR2 Wireless Rain Sensor connected and first saw this on the very first day when I installed Rachio. I manually activated the rain sensor and then turned it off and saw that in the Device Updates section it said:
Rain sensor activated
Rain sensor deactivated
Device status power cycle

So I didn’t think much of it since it was the first day and maybe the device was updating.
However, today it was raining hard and the rain sensor activated then later on it deactivated and I once again see ‘Device status power cycle’ right after that.

Is this an issue?

I would email support about this one

I emailed support and they don’t believe that the rain sensor caused a reboot because it activated and deactivated again and this time there was no power cycle.

So possibly the electricity went out for a second. There was lightning in the area.
I was not at the house so I don’t know for sure.

This brings up another issue / suggestion - it would be great if the Rachio app would provide details as to why a power cycle occurred…for Example AC Power Loss, Firmware Update, etc…