"Rain Sensor Activated" notifications received every two minutes for hours


This is similar to my recent experience.My rain sensor was activated on Saturday, April 30 at 8:47pm. I’ve had a couple of power cycles on the device since then due to a ground fault outlet tripping, and each time the IRO recycles, it says that the rain sensor is activated, which I thought was nice that it told me that. Then today, I got a Rain Sensor activated message at 11:18am and wondered why as it hasn’t deactivated since the 30th. I didn’t think anything more about it until that I saw you had one at 11:16am today. Could be just Murphy but seems odd.


Mine is doing the same thing. It is saying it is activated then deactived. Then again and again. On a side note, we had about a week of rain and yesterday was the first dry day.

Is it possible that the rain sensor is drying out and rachio is just reporting on it? Maybe the notification setup is too sensitive?


Last night I received a notification the sensor deactivated at 9:23 PM. I’ll see if it activates again in the next day or so.




how long after the last rain did this occur? Mine flickered yesterday active-not active-active, and has been active ever since. Our last rain was two days ago. Waiting to see what happens today before I climb a ladder. It was working fine before rachis was installed… but I wonder…


It rained a lot here and I suspect it was drying out. It stopped flickering now which is about 24 hours after our last soaking.;


Mine de-activated last night after a heavy rain in Friday. And some drizzle Sat AM.


mine remains active in Rachio but has dried out. Not active at the irratrol receiver. not good


Saw something interesting today while tinkering. While in the process of trying to figure out why my irratrol sensor is stuck as active, I pulled a power lead with the common wire from SC, and essentially cut the power to the receiver. Rachio acknowledged as “inactive” then active, then inactive three times within the minute. Now reconnected, it registers correctly as “inactive”. Let’s see what happens when it rains.


After determining that the controller was defective, I have installed the new unit Rachio sent.
With everything set up correctly again, the new unit works as it should. The new Rainbird RSD-BEx wired rain sensor connected to the 2 yellow terminals. Rain sensor option selected in the app.

This morning it rained about 1/2 inch. The new unit reported rain sensor activated 3 times. What is going on here?
It should at least report rain sensor deactivated in between. The sensor basically breaks the connection. It would only do that once when the felt discs in the rain sensor expand.

Let’s see what happens when the sensor drys out.

Today at 3:56 AM
Rain sensor activated.

Today at 3:54 AM
Rain sensor activated.

Today at 12:21 AM
Rain sensor activated.


Count me in. Everything worked well.

Last few days tons of activate and deactivate.

Annoying. Any fix - other than clean?


I’m wondering given what I saw while reconnecting last weekend whether rachio is less tolerant of a “flicker” that might occur when the sensor is just in the limit of range, or has a battery that is failing. Either of these scenarios would have the normally closed sensor deactivate, and if it really was active, would re-activate with connection.


I received the activation notices of the rain sensor 3x’s yesterday. It did rain so I expected it to go off, but to tell me it’s active 3x’s within a few hours is not right. Now It did skip my flex schedule for today because of the rain yesterday, as it should have, but why would I get an activation notices 3x’s.

See screenshot:

As you can see, it "activated at 5:30PM, 7:18 PM, and again at 7:35 PM last night. Something flaky is definitely going on . Hopefully it will deactivate sometime today.


I just received another activation notification at 2:03 this afternoon. It has not rained since yesterday evening.


@canons900 Just a thought that your rain sensor might need cleaning. We’ve seen this issue before with dirty sensors.

This might help…



I’ll give this a try in the next day or so. Hopefully by Friday evening… Soccer practices get in the way!


Okay, just removed the sponges and cleaned them. When I removed them. The sensor de-activated. After adding them back, it went active again.

I am hoping it dries out overnight so the system runs in the morning. I’ll keep an eye out for another de-activation notice this evening.

Some of the sponges looked beat up. Are they replaceable or not even worth replacing? I have been looking into the the wireless sensors and this might be a good time to buy one…


Okay, sensor was cleaned and setup again on Thursday. As you can see, I was getting multiple notifications of activated and de-activated over the weekend. It finally seemed to stop at 2:16 PM yesterday.

Something is definitely going on here. It should not be the wiring or a dirty sensor as I have cleaned mine and the sensor has been fine up until a few weeks ago…

As an aside, I did order a new wireless rain sensor because the one I have is fairly old.


I found power cycling the Iro solved this for me. Brand new system install today with rain this evening. The notifications kept reading actived/deactivated every few minutes. I tested continuity on the sensor disconnected from the Iro as well as the voltage output of S1 & SC. Both S1 & SC read ~27v which leads me to believe the sensor input is more than likely a digital input not a hard wire interlock. After the reboot I tested with a jumper than reconnected the rain sensor and got a steady actived state that hasn’t toggled since. Hope this helps someone else.


I stand corrected. The issue has returned.