Rain sensor activated issue


I am having the same issue Rain Sensor is ON.
I have send Help ticket to Rachio. They always saying about cleaning and online troubleshooting. I had done all things specified in Rachio website as well as from this community discussion. There was no change in the Rain Sensor status as ON. I have tried cleaning and relaying between devices in different days and time. There was no rain for weeks during this time to trigger a rain sensor all these days. Just starting from yesterday there was rain and will continue rain all these week for 15 to 20 miniutes here in San Antonio. It will be 80-90*F other time. Now there is one more thing to do is replacing the Irritrol Rain sensor which is a brand new one. My question is if this is an issue and currently a known issue then we can wait and continue forward. If not pleas help us what is the real issue. Thanks .

"Rain Sensor Activated" notifications received every two minutes for hours

@tomskaria Would you mind posting a photo of your wiring?

How long has this rain sensor been connected?


I have the exact same problem.
Got a new Hunter RainClick wired sensor connected to Gen2 controller.
S1 connected to red wire, SC connected to Black wire. It has been ON for days. It hasn’t been raining for a couple of days already, discs look totally dry


@eyali Is it a rain and and freeze sensor?

If it’s a freeze too, what are your temps? 37 degrees is the freeze setting.

Is the sensor in full sun?

Is your firmware up to date?