Rain sensor activate/deactivate times?


Clearly the rain sensor ‘activates’ when it rains/gets wet. Should I expect it to ‘deactivate’ when it dries? We’ve had a pretty solid couple days of rain here and I saw it ‘activate’ yesterday in the afternoon. I have yet to see a ‘deactivate’ message though it did rain again last night without a second ‘activate’ signal. Am I correct that it did not have a chance to dry out so it never deactivated?

I am trying to be sure that the newly installed sensor is still connected correctly.

It would be nice to see a clear ‘current status’ of the rain sensor: ie Active or inActive.


Once it dries out, you’ll see a notification for “sensor deactivated”… give it a day of sunshine, in my experience. You don’t appear to have the flicker issue others have had where they get repeated notifications of activation/deactivation…

If you want to prove it to yourself, the irratrol has a night on the receiver that says when it’s wet. chances are you’re not missing anything.

‘current status’ is coming soon to a software update near you…


last rain sensor activity example…

rain from 3-7 pm… activated sensor at 5:45 (it was POURING)… dry for the next days… hot sunshine, deactivated sensor at 5:17 the next night.