Rain Sensor Acknowledgement

Maybe I just don’t have my Rachio 3 set-up correctly, but here goes:
I use a rain sensor installed on the eaves of our home. It would be helpful if there was some form of signal or acknowledgement in the app to confirm that it is wired and configured. I’m not seeing any. We get a message confirming that a schedule will not run on a given day because the weather service is expecting rain, but I’m not seeing any notice when the rain sensor is indicating recent rain (which may have snuck in without the weather service seeing it – it happens.) A confirmation that the sensor is in fact being monitored by the controller would be helpful. Thanks.

What kind of wireless rain sensor? Do you have its transmitter wired into the Rachio? And have it enabled (under accessories) in the app?

I have a Hunter Rain Sensor and when it gets triggered by moisture the Rachio app will display at the top that the ‘rain sensor is on’. The transmitter for the rain sensor also has its own LED which is either green or red depending on its status.

Sorry to take so long in getting back, but b-u-s-y days of summer.
The sensor I have is a Toro 53769.

I didn’t have it enabled in the accessories section. However, when I did activate it, the next issue is that the Rachio3 saw it as still wet, even though we haven’t had any rain in two days; so it was disabling the schedules. Hmmmm. Not sure if it is the sensor or the controller.

Thanks again!

@RickyO - can a picture of the wiring be posted. An incorrectly wired rain sensor will report a wet. Use the 24 VAC - and not the Common terminal for one side of the rain sensor. Is the sensor set for Normally Open or Normally Closed?