Rain Questions Regarding 2.5

-If I have a group of zones scheduled to run today at 6AM for a total of 3 hours as an “as-needed” schedule (and the range is every 7 days) but 2 inches of rain is predicted today at 2PM will my zones still run or be skipped?

-If the zones are skipped due to predicted rain today, but it ends up not raining, when will my zones get irrigated with a 7 days range? ie, tomorrow or 7 days later?

-if tomorrow, does all schedules shift 1 day?

-if 7 days from now, does that mean 14 day between irrigating those zones?

Thanks for your help!

@jmed999, we perform a weather check 1 hours before your watering schedule starts, so odds are yes, but you’ll know for sure around 1p.

7 days later; As Needed schedules do not delay or make up skipped watering events. You can edit your Rain Skip threshold (see #4) to a higher amount of rain to avoid skips.

No, only Flex schedules delay, or shift schedules.


If you have more questions about As Needed schedules, please see this thread:

What is the reasoning for not making up skipped waterings based on recalculations of watering needs like Flex schedule did in As Needed schedules? While I understand there was a drive for simplification in 2.5, and I think correctly so in some cases, this seems like an oversimplification taken at the expense of a very useful feature.

I would have loved to see a skipped watering trigger a recalculated schedule going forward (still interval based is fine) based on amount of rain that fell. Waiting 14 days might be too long depending on the amount of rain and the user’s threshold. I wouldn’t want to change my threshold each time its going to rain manually - defeats the purpose Weather Intelligence. If a lot of rain was going to fall and the schedule is skipped, and a little falls, the grass could suffer without manual intervention.


^ This. Happens almost daily in the FL summertime. So does the opposite of no rain in the forecast but we get rain anyway. If I have to manually water every time the controller skips due to rain in the forecast, then are we really talking about a smart controller? #FlexForLife #LongLiveFlex

@mbaturin & @johnny2678, please continue this conversation in the thread below. Thanks!