Rain (forecasted) skip question

I am currently limited to watering one day per week (Sunday). Both last week, and this week (today) there has been rain forecast for Monday. Last week, my Sunday watering was skipped due to a forecast of .11" of rain on Monday by my selected PWS (KCAFRES129). I was expecting the same behavior this week, as yesterday, I checked the forecast, and over .6" of rain was forecast by the same station (it’s down to .5" now, but still ahead of the .0625" threshold I’ve set in my device).
The Weather Intelligence tab in my history states that the station observed .01" of actual precipitation (it hasn’t rained, but is extremely foggy, so the station might have recorded that), and 0 predicted. But that doesn’t match what is being displayed on Weather Underground.
I picked this station (even though there is a closer one to my house), because it seems to be the more accurate of the two, and seems to be reporting accurately to WU, but somehow my controller still ran a lawn watering cycle that was unnecessary.
Any help would be appreciated.

We don’t use WU for forecasting. Looked at the station in question and it has only observed .01 in of precipitation on Dec. 22.


Our forecasting predicted 0 in of precipitation which looks like what was observed for that day. The forecasting we use (Aeris weather) has proven to be very reliable.

It does seem to be reporting accurately but your chosen PWS does not dictate forecasting. We use lat/long coordinates for all forecasting, not dependent on any chosen station (PWS or otherwise).

Hope this helps.

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