Rain Dial to Rachio3- only 3 zones work

Hi there, I am a new guy to this and after doing a lot of study on the posted topics involving this transition I thought it would go smoothly.

I labeled the wires before removing the old Rain Dial Plus and plugged everything to the new Rachio3 according to the instructions. The result is that I only have zones 1-3 working, out of the six zones. 4-6 zones are dead.

I did all possible troubleshooting to my knowledge. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

My first guess is that the white wire to the right-hand C terminal is not making good contact. Try cleaning it e.g. with sandpaper and reinserting it. Or, perhaps it was inserted too far and only insulation is touching the internal contact.

If no luck, try swapping the two C terminals (put the white for zones 1-3 on the right and the other on the left). If zones 4-6 remain dead, check the white wire at the valve box. If it’s now 1-3 that are dead, it would appear that the right C terminal has a problem, so find a way to connect both white wires to the left C, with a splice if they won’t both fit in the connector.

If you still have trouble, confirm that zones 4-6 work when you open the valves manually. If that’s ok, start zone 4, check voltage from 4 to C at the controller and at the valve.


I agree with @Stewart, it sounds like a “common” issue with the second set of zones.

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After much troubleshooting, I feel embarrassed to inform that the problem was simply the water was shutoff by my gardner and he did mot tell me until this afternoon.

Thank you very much for caring.

Awesome, glad it was something simple with no repairs. With 1-3 working and 4-6 dead, it sounds like a shut-off valve exists between the two?