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Hi @jammit!
Did you have a question about our rain delay feature?
McKynzee :rachio:

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I’ve had my Rachio ver 2 for a few weeks now. I live in an area where we can only water on Sunday and Thursday - based on my door number. I have a flex daily schedule setup and have set it up to only water on Sunday and Thursday. It rains almost every afternoon now.

I have two questions:

  1. Every morning at 7:55 a.m I get a notice under device updates that a 2 day rain delay is now in effect. Even if I delete it or set it up for a single day delay the rain delay will show up again the next day with a 2 day delay. Where is this being set?
  2. When I look at the moisture level for each zone and go into more detail, it looks like the daily precipitation is not being factored in when it’s computing moisture levels. Here is an example:

Yesterday, July 22, started with a moisture balance of 0.2 in, we received 0.46 in of precipitation, and based on the type of vegetation the evaporation was 0.13 in. The moisture content at the end of the day is 0.20 in. How is this being calculated?



Hey @nsaldanh63-

Can you provide a screenshotof the moisture graph detail you are referring to? Also, it sounds like there may be an integration at play setting that rain delay… do you have any integrations on your account?

McKynzee :rachio: