Rain Delay without showing Rain Delay in the app

I had rain the past 2 days and my rachio stopped watering which is great. However, is the app supposed to show a Rain Delay after it rains? or does that only show up if I manually set a Rain Delay. Also the app isn’t reporting any water savings which I thought it would since this is the first real rain I’ve had since installing it.

Known problem. Not fixed yet.

Hey @bighaus90-

This is actually expected behavior, however there is often confusion here. Rain Delay is actually a different feature than Rain Skip, which is what is causing your schedule to skip when it rains. Rain Delay is not related to weather, and is just a manual stop on your system for a given number of days. Rain Skip is a feature that is enabled on your schedule that watches the weather and skips when you reach your threshold. I hope that helps clear up the confusion there!

As for your water savings, are you still not seeing a value there? Is this not showing on web, mobile, or both?

McKynzee :rachio:

I am unable to see the water savings on web or mobile.

@bighaus90 – If you are using a Flex Schedule, you won’t see any water savings because of the nature of how the schedule works. If its a Fixed schedule you are on and not seeing the water savings, then that is a concern for @mckynzee

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Why would you not see water savings with a Flex Schedule? The watering was scheduled but then didn’t water because of rain. Would that not be a savings?

Not quite – because its FLEXIBLE, it just moves to another day when it knows its gonna rain enough to keep the “tank full” whereas with FIXED schedules, it truly is skipping because of rain and thus you get a savings.

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I get that logic, but would argue that because one of Rachio’s main selling points is water savings, would you not want to show the user that they have actually saved water due to the system not running when it rains?

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I agree with you @bighaus90- it is unfortunate that flex users don’t get this metric considering they are probably saving the most amount of water. The issue is we don’t really have a baseline when using flex, so determining savings is difficult. What would you expect the savings to represent?

@mckynzee Why wouldn’t you have a baseline? My system is on a flex daily schedule and since I installed my Rachio my system has run the same time amount of time every day of the week (except for Saturday) or unless it rains. If you can calculate/estimate the water used when a zone ran couldn’t you just put that same amount into the savings when it doesn’t run due to the weather? Also should my system be watering every single day except the Saturday I specified it not to?

There was a discussion thread on this last year. What baseline would you use? The controller schedule someone had before installing Rachio? A fixed schedule? The flex monthly schedule? Only say it saved if it rained? IMHO, there are just too many options for a baseline, and everyone is going to have a different opinion of what the baseline should be. So I am happy with it not calculating savings.

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