Rain delay using actual rainfall only

I’m new to Rachio, but not new to automated sprinkler controllers.
So currently, as I understand, rain delay is triggered by a combination of actual rainfall and predicted rainfall. I suppose that may work in a lot of places but.
Where I live, predicted rainfall is about 90% inaccurate. I actually live in a rain shadow, so rainfall 2-3 miles away may be significant but I actually get nothing. This happens a LOT. As a result, my system is going into rain delay when I’ve had no or little rain. Since a lot of my watering takes place before I get up, and I don’t see the notification of a rain delay, I end up running manual cycles.
I have an actual weather station connected to Wunderground and it is selected as the nearest weather station. But, there’s that dang ‘predicted’ rainfall getting in the way. I just got off a chat with one of your people and in the end, it was suggested I get a rain gauge?? I have a rain gauge. It’s an accurate part of a $500 weather station.

So, to the actual suggestion: Have a user selectable option to use actual rainfall only or your current methodology.


This would be a great option. Here in Florida the predicted rainfall amount is extremely unreliable as it can pour down the block and be sunny here. This would be a great update!!

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