Rain delay not working on Fixed Hourly schedules

I sent a fixed schedule for overseeding, and rain delay… It didn’t work. A few times but today it rained several inches… And still didn’t work. Is this a bug or another major gap in how Rachio is designed?

Hourly schedules do not support weather intelligence. Skipping doesn’t really make logical sense when schedules are running multiple times per day (and would it skip once, twice, etc.?), and typically the intent is not the normal type of schedule.

If you want a schedule that runs multiple times per day and will skip, choose a fixed schedule (non-hourly) with a manual soak of the # of hours you would like to pause during runs.


Thank you, how to set up in the way you describe is not intuitive so I appreciate you letting me know how to. While it might, not sure yet, work its not the option I think is best, and would like for Overseeding.

The best, and most intuitive way, would be to have this…

Set a Fixed schedule

  • (best option) set specific times during the day OR (non-ideal option but work so-so) started at a specific time, and runs every N hours (2, 4, 6, etc)
  • user definable Rains Skip to choose # of cycles to skip based on when it rains… N before and/or N After

… the above provides the best control (by far) while leveraging “weather smarts”.

Should be easy to implement in the code since you basically have everything already there.