Rain Delay - can i set it to turn back on after a set # of days?

When it rains, and in socal, we’ve been getting a lot of rain so the soil will be moist for a number of days. The Rachio seems to turn off the rain delay as soon as the following day after a rainy day but I want to know if I could make it so that the watering scheduling starts 3-5 days after it has rained.

That’s not currently a feature, but something we have had suggestions on.

For now, you can set a rain delay from the main dashboard from 1-7 days. Hope this helps and have a great day!


This has been stated in another thread, but I’m also from SoCal. Due to our local restrictions (and my desire to never be that guy who has his sprinklers running during any precipitation) I’ve implemented IFTTT. Rachio published an “applet” (at the time, it was referred to as a “receipe”) called “If tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain, then rain delay”. Within that applet, you can designate how long of a rain delay you want.

I’d look at your basic schedule frequency, and add to that in the IFTTT applet to make sure things didn’t turn on for a minimum desired number of days.

Try it out and see what happens. The price is right. :slight_smile: