Rain delay after power outage?

My Rachio 3 has been working flawlessly after some confusion on scheduling but now after a short power interruption it activated all zone 3 hours after a slight rain and with more rain in the short term forecast AND during a heavy mist at the time…The shown % in all zones was 75-85% at the time also…Did the power outage affect this and if so is this always going to be a problem on other outages?

If the controller was offline it might not have received instructions to skip the oncoming schedule and then was powered in the middle of a pre-programmed schedule?


Unsure what happened but know the power interruption was not during a watering cycle but approx. 3 hrs prior and after heavy rain which had diminished to a heavy mist when it was activated. Also more rain was forecast shortly… Saturation % on all zones was 110% at the start so it had a few things against it starting at the time…Also had to stop the watering thru a “stop” command on my Echo Alexa as I couldn’t figure out how on my iPhone app.