Rain "coefficient"

It would be nice to be able to determine how much rain a zone gets. Especially for zones close to buildings we have smaller Zones that does not get any or very little rain because of the building covering parts of the Zone. At the moment (from what I understand) it is not possible to have Rachio take this into account.

One could picture a zone that gets 100% rain to be 1 where only 50% of the Zone gets rain it would be 0.5, no rain 0.5

Obviously this only works where the Zone is small enough as one would assume that the rain that reaches the Zone is available to the plants

I also have 1 zone that waters pots that get zero rain. Would be a nice to have

Have you tried playing with the crop coefficient? It basically change the frequency.

Sure I can manipulate the whole thing with the size of the zone, how much sun it gets, how much water it gets (crop efficiency, etc. ) though from what I understand this then has other implications which might not result in a desired result.

The idea with the “rain coefficient” would be that the actual rain / water that the zone gets except for the irrigation. For the calculation done by the Rachio system this should be fairly easy to implement as it would just be a factor that would be used in the calculation of the precipitation that reaches the respective zone.