Rain Bird ESP-TM2 to Rachio 3 Installation Questions

I recently purchased a new construction house that comes with a new Rain Bird unit (ESP-TM2 controller and WR2 wireless sensor) that is Wi-Fi enabled, however, it does not work with HomeKit (directly or through HomeBridge), so I’m thinking about replacing it with Rachio 3. I just wanna make sure my wiring is compatible and I’ll be doing the right installation. I’m attaching photos of my current system and its wiring and have a few questions about it in the end:

1- Is the wiring compatible? What’s the best way for me to figure out what wires from existing system go to what slots in Rachio 3? Anybody has done the same replacement to share their wiring?
2- If I just purchase the Rachio 3 16 zones system to replace my controller only, can I reuse the rain wireless sensor from Rain Bird? If not, what options do I have?


@keyvan - here are you answers (caveat, I didn’t have this model of controller when I migrated to Rachio):

  1. Yes - 100%. White goes to Rachio C, Blue goes to Rachio P/M, Red 1 - 10 go to Rachio 1 - 10. Orange wires are abandoned. Wireless rain sensor - see link below.

  2. Yes. It will function as a belt and suspenders option as Rachio will also use the forecast and reported rain for skips. The wireless rain sensor will catch the situation where a pop up shower hits your location, but not the NWS reporting station.

Here are the wiring instructions for the WR-2:

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@DLane Thank you very much for the quick response. Appreciate it.