Rain Bird ESP Modular to Rachio 3

Hi, I’m looking to replace my Rain Bird ESP Modular controller with a Rachio 3 16 zone sprinkler controller. Can someone let me know what the installation process will be with my current system to the Rachio? On a handyman scale of 1 to 10, I’m a -2. I’ve attached 3 pictures

Thanks, Scott

IMG_5718|640x480 IMG_5717 IMG_5719IMG_5718

I took at look at the manual at: Rain Bird ESP-Modular User Manual

In the first photo, I see top row VT (nothing connected), MV (nothing connected), and COM (common).
Bottom row (including what was just listed) zones 1-12 followed by AUX.

The third picture shows the first two as 24 VAC, GND, and then two SENS (connected).

To me, this is a straight forward conversion. Connect the Rachio power to an outlet and then to the Rachio. COM wires go to one or more of the C, zones 1-12 to 1-12 on the Rachio, and it appears AUX can be another normal zone or something like lights that are not affected by rain. I would presume you will just hook this up to zone 13 on the Rachio.

So, what would be the process for me:

  1. Take pictures (done)
  2. Disconnect power from the old controller
  3. Possibly label the wires as you disconnect them
  4. Probably remove the old controller
  5. Put up the new controller
  6. Route the wires and connect them to the correct location
  7. Route Rachio’s power cable and connect to the Rachio
  8. Plug in the other end of the power into an outlet
  9. Connect to WiFi and set up the app, etc.
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Thank you Thomas. What do I do with the 24 VAC, GND and SENS wires?

Ooops, I did not say anything about those, sorry.

With the Rachio power supply that plugs into an outlet, you do not need the 24 VAC or ground. The SENS wire looks like it just connects the two terminals together. This tells me that you do not have a sensor, so nothing needs to be done with that either.

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Hi Scott and Thomas. I purchased a Rachio 3 this weekend and will be replacing a Rain Bird ESP-M also. This post is very helpful! One question…the two green COM wires that are on the top row of the first photo…where does those go on the Rachio? Also, just confirming that you didn’t need to connect the wires shown in your 3rd photo. Thanks so much!

Never mind! I think I found the answer. Thanks.

Glad you got it figured out. Please feel free to report back how things went and ask should you have more questions.