Rain and it still went on

I have the controller 2 days and on the second day the unit went on right before all day rains. Thoughts??
I’m on flex schedule.

It looks like you chose sand for the soil type. The system will want to run just about every day since the it will determine the soil can’t hold any moisture. I would probably reset the zone to default of soil type loam


Thank you done I just changed it but see that the sprinklers are supposed to only come on a Couple of days a week. Does that sound right? I typically had my prior system in manual mode for 3-4 days a week.

Our flex daily schedule promotes deeper, less frequent watering. If you want I’d start with one or two zones using the flex daily schedule and see how the system operates and then roll out to the rest of your zones if satisfied with the watering frequency and duration. Just a thought.


Thank you. Is it okay if I leave it in Loam setting? I have no clue what my soil type is. I think it’s dark soil with some sand mixture in certain sports. The sand is deep down top surface is dark soil.

Yeah I’d leave it at the default for now. If you would like to make minor adjustments to the flex daily frequency this article should help. If you think this schedule isn’t for you I might try the flex monthly schedule which auto adjusts each month and is very predictable, where the flex daily schedule could change a few times per week :wink:


Last q: how do i set one of the smart zones if it has both grass and shrubs. When setting up the zone it’s binary meaning I can pick one or the other but not both.

There’s no winning way to water vastly different plant types in one zone. The shrubs or grass will suffer — but generally most choose to water using a grass setting and not a shrub setting since overwatering grass can be very wasteful and lead to lawn diseases. Shrubs may be able to get enough water though they’d prefer deeper water than a grass setting would provide. It’s a project, maybe a big one, but splitting the grass and shrubs into their own plumbed zones is the best long term course of action.