Rain accumulation recorded on PWS, but not on Rachio


I was wondering if you folks could help me with a problem. It seems as though each PWS I have linked up to has not worked correctly with Rachio. I’ve verified that the PW stations have been recording precipitation accumulation, but my rain sensor ends up stopping watering rather than Rachio right before the scheduled watering. I’m currently linked to MID_C9307. If you look at the history, there has been rain accumulation of close to 0.6 in and my threshold is set at 0.125 in…



Hey @jeleffto-

It looks like your Fixed drip schedule is skipping appropriately in relation to weather, but your flex schedule is the problem child. Keep in mind that flex does not necessarily skip, what it actually does is “push” your schedule out in order to react to weather. If it feels like your flex schedule is watering too frequently, this is probably related to your zone settings. Have you fine tuned these settings to you landscape?

McKynzee :rachio: