Rachit just started running ran all day

Installed Rachit over the weekend it ran fine both days.

Then today it started after I went to work and ran all day for no reason. Using 945 gallons in the process. My landscaper noticed a flood and shut it off please help.
Day 3 scared of my Rachio unsure what to do next and it’s 90 degrees here. I would love to talk with someone live.

Hi Steve,

Did you get 945 gallons via Rachio interface or your water meter? Does Rachio show any sign of having been on today?
How did your landscaper shut off the water flow? Was it done via Rachio or via a water valve?

In my experience when system starts to water uncontrollably, like yours, it usually an indication of a something being wrong with a valve (such as debris clogging up the works). Hope you can get to the bottom of what ever is wrong.

You can find how to contact support here (link), but please keep us (community) appraised on any progress.



Hey @Brophyst-

I see you spoke with Rebecca on our support team, and now one of our senior agents is reviewing your account. After my initial review, I don’t see any glaring issues. I know you said your landscaper shut off your system- did he shut off your water or the electricity to the controller?

McKynzee :rachio:

I had this happen once, and my problem was a bad solenoid.

Sounds like one of the folliwing:

  1. Mainline break
  2. Stuck valve
  3. Lateral line break or broken sprinkler head

@robertokc @Linn My only other guess would be the terminal is providing constant power, but this is a pretty rare hardware defect and typically presents itself right our of the box… My concern is all of the current values on the zones are fine. If the solenoid was bad, I would think those would be off.

It could be a stuck valve that will not turn off. Yes if the solenoid was bad the valve woulf not open.

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