Rachio3 in watering delay=blinking lights?

Noticed that my Rachio3 is treating me to a light show, with several lights blinking at once, and then another set… I also noticed that I’m in a watering delay. Could that be what the lights are trying to tell me? See Link to video of blinking lights

Was the watering delay caused by a rain delay? It is hard to tell, but might be “splashing” as described in Light Codes (Rachio 3)

It does seem like a water delay indication. Is that done only manually? I didn’t do one intentionally, but maybe hit a wrong button… Does the system ever enter a delay itself?

What kind of schedule are you on and are you using weather intelligence?

I have a Flex daily Drip (which I’m not sure has ever run), and a Flex Daily spray which does run periodically, and yes I am using weather intelligence. I did measure our drip areas and they do seem moist… We’ve had a lot of rain here in CT.

Is it possible that the water delay was caused by rain you had?

We’ve certainly had an unusual amount of rain… That was one of my questions: Can the system do a water delay itself or is that something the homeowner sets? If the system can do it, that would be the answer.

The system can do rain, wind, or freeze delays