Rachio3 Firmware

My 3-season-old Rachio3 is sporting iro3-firmware-hk-5-632, a version it has had for since early COVID days. I’ve seen a -640 version by a user in this forum so want to ask:

1- I thought firmware updates were automatic. Is that no longer so? Do I have to initiate something?
2- Anyone know the differences between -632 and -640?
3- Should I care at all, given that my simplistic flex daily schedules appear to be working…I think.

I have 640 and the instructions say that you navigate to the firmware and press “Update”. I installed only last week and during setup it did take me through an update process.

I don’t know what’s new in the firmware. The community firmware release notes don’t appear to be used widely by the developers.

…navigate to the firmware and press “Update“…

Except that doesn’t appear. “Update” only shows if the system thinks an update is available for your controller and apparently mine does not, so no “Update” message nor ability to press anything. Very odd to me.

Agree. I don’t know if there is a way to force a firmware update. Have you tried the old unplug , wait 30 seconds trick?

No, haven’t tried that specifically but…
1- I unplugged my Rachio3 for the past winter, plugging it back in last April. No update.
2- Last weekend we had a 4-hour power outage, effectively the same as a long unplugging. No update.

Fwiw, I’m also on 632 (March 2022 install), with no update ability.

Not really useful, other than, “You’re not alone”.

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You can call Rachio and ask that they push the update out to your controller if you feel you need it. 632 is solid in my opinion.

Thanks @Macsterguy, I kind of expected that to be one solution. But to your point, I don’t know anything about how -640 differs in functionality from -632 so tough to say I need it or don’t. What I have works, but would still like to know how the two differ besides the nomenclature.

Mine updated to 640 when I got the Valve Monitoring premium feature.

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I really don’t recall there being much, if any differences. Most of the firmware updates were efforts to resolve the HomeKit compatibility issues for some or most Apple users. For me anything beyond 632 broke HomeKit compatibility so I stayed on 632. My Apple HomeKit continues to work well with the Rachio3 controller

Thanks @Thomas_Lerman and that may be the or at least one difference between the two firmware versions. I wish we didn’t have to suss out such info from anecdotal evidence and that there were just a list of changes from one version to another. But again, thanks for sharing your experience.

@Macsterguy I’ve not had HomeKit work since getting my Rachio3 regardless of version, and then Rachio gave up on it as did I. For me, at least -632 does actually water my lawn and I guess that’s the main point.

Here are some release notes, Latest Announcements/Firmware Release Notes topics - Rachio Community, unfortunately nothing on 640. Other interesting articles: Rachio Pro Bulletin - Latest updates for Rachio professionals and What’s new with the Rachio app?

I really love the Rachio as a controller so I have always used the Rachio app. The nice thing is is once everything is set up you don’t really need to do anything. Rachio just keeps doing its thing! On occasion I will use the home app for some little task but there’s nothing you can’t do in the Rachio app.

I would rather the company focus on irrigation and not on software!


I installed a Rachio 3 about a month ago. I’m using an iPhone 11, iOs 16.x. I checked the firmware version, it is at 640 and have no issues with it. I’m not using Apple HomeKit…


Are we going to see any firmware updates or fixes this season? Or will this be the 2nd season with no updates? Seems this company has moved on and is 100% focused on hose timer :frowning:

Not sure, but I’m not too concerned. My Gen3 is working, seems to be working well, and I’m not really excited about changing that with some new unneeded features that somehow break something else. That might not happen, but it certainly seems to on everything else I update, especially my car. Right now, I’m happy, except for that unfulfilled HomeKit feature which I live with after completing appropriate therapy. And yeah, I know I started this thread.

Unfortunately the logic hasn’t been improved in a few years. End before sunrise still waters super early in the morning. Been brought up numerous times in here but swept under the rug to focus on hose timer :frowning:

Don’t disagree, that would be nice to have. I’m still OK, though I respect many would find this useful.

@SalisburySam and @gizbug It appears you might check on your firmware version(s). My Rachio 3 is at hk-14-645. And… the HomeKit integration still embedded in that firmware seems to have been revived by one of the iOS 17 updates. See mine and other notes here about making your Rachio an accessory. I’d say Rachio is keeping it together quite nicely, including the Hose Timer. Here’s to good grass!

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