Rachio3 Cannot Connect to WiFi Anymore

I’ve done it all, WiFi Button, hard reset, unplug and repeat. Whenever I have my phone connect and update my WiFi, I get the “An unexpected error occurred” message. Nothing changed on my end. I even switched my router to 5Khz only, thinking the swapping of networks could have been a problem. Is there anything else I can do? Is my unit defective?

I assume you mean 5 GHz. Please also try 2.4 GHz only. The lower frequency penetrates obstacles better and is more likely to connect.

Can you get the controller ‘awaiting Wi-Fi’ (2nd quadrant blinking)?

If so, when you try to update Wi-Fi with the app, do the lights change at all? If not, what device and OS version are you using? Do you have a different device to try? When you look at available networks, does your phone show the Rachio-xxxxxx network?

If the lights do change when you update Wi-Fi, what is the new state?