Rachio Wont run schedules

Rachio wont run any schedules automatically inspite of no weather realted skips. Does anybody know whats going on. Quick runs work fine but the scheduled runs dont work.

Same issue here.

Double check to make sure you don’t have the unit in standby mode. Then also check to make sure that your schedules are enabled.

You didn’t inadvertantly set up an end date for your schedules did you?

We are having the same issue.
This is the post I made before finding yours

Has anyone found a solution to this? I am having the same problem. ALL schedules, flex anything, or even fixed show on the calendar. When the minute comes to start, they don’t and then it says no scheduled runs. Worked great until late April.

I am having the same problem - the day comes to run and the schedule disappears

Almost 6 weeks of back and forth with Rachio support and still no answers. They recently asked to see my wiring, which is fine, but it’s not like the wiring has changed in the past couple of years. Everything worked great until late Spring, and now ALL schedules are just ignored when the time comes for one of them to run…even a fixed schedule. Otherwise, the controller works fine. All manual starts run…any ideas?

To be clear…there is no end date on schedule. Schedules are NOT greyed out. No weather skips. Controller NOT on standby. Everything looks good to go until the minute the schedule is supposed to run…then it just ignores it. I even told Rachio support to create a schedule for 5 minutes in the future and watch it not run…they did, but have no suggestions.

I had this same issue. The fix was wiring the Irritrol rain sensor correctly.
In the app on the home page (upper left in orangish) it always said rain sensor active. I just thought it meant it was attached and enabled. But it means the sensor is sending a rain activity signal. Disabling the sensor in the app made that go away and the schedules ran.
Turns out, Irritrol sensors have to be wired up a certain way.

Thanks for the insight. I don’t have a rain sensor, but at least I know why they asked for a picture of my wiring (although they did ask if I had a rain sensor and I said no).

Rachio support set up a schedule called “fixed test” that is supposed to run 1 zone 5 minutes every day. That was 3 weeks ago and it has yet to run.