Rachio will not connect to internet beginning 11/22

I had initially thought my issue was related to the 14.2 problem, but having tried to reset and reconnect now 6-7 times on both 14.2 and 13.5 devices, I keep having the same issue on both. ]

  • Lights seem stuck on 3rd light, which occasionally flashes red.
  • Wifi signal is 2.4ghz and excellent strength
  • Reseting the wifi behaves as normal. bar flashes blue, the 2nd light goes yellow.
  • There is a prompt on the app to re-add the Rachio to the wif network from the settings menu, showing a brief video.

I always fail at this point. Settigns sayys “Waiting for Racho-CD522,” for a few minutes and then gives the message “An unexpected error occurred, please try again”

Trying to CONNECT after that fails, and Rachio goes back to sticking on the 3rd light.

All the rest of my devices are fine, Rachio has been fine for 6 months since initial installation. No other changes to network or anything else.

I assume that you are describing the " Connecting to Server Error " state; please confirm:

I suspect that something changed with your access point, router/firewall or modem that is now blocking communication with the Rachio server. It may have been an automatic update of which you were not aware.

To confirm this, please set up your 14.2 device as a temporary mobile hotspot. Test that it’s working properly by connecting the 13.5 device to it and pulling up a web page. Then, use the 13.5 device to configure Rachio for the hotspot.

If the hotspot test works, post details about your home network. If it fails in the same way (connecting to server error), report whether the controller appears in your account at app.rach.io . If it fails differently, report details.