Rachio wifi hub isn't powering on for setup

UPDATE: I forced the power supply into the hub really hard and it finally connected. So the I think the contact points in the hub are set too far in to where it can’t connect. I have to push so hard my thumb hurts. There’s no way it’s staying connected on it’s own.

I just got the smart hose timer. I go to set it up, I plug in the hub and then nothing. No lights. I think maybe the light is just dead. So I try to connect anyway. Nothing. I use a hot wire checker to make sure power is running through the line, it is. This is the second one I’ve purchased from Costco with the same exact problem. I’ve tried different outlets. I’ve hit the reset buttom. I’ve put batteries in the hose timer thinking maybe it needed to detect that. Nothing I have tried has worked. Nothing shows up on my devices on the app. Please help. The model of my hub is HUB101.

You’re not the only one. I just found this forum because of the same issue and found this thread.