Rachio watering during a rain storm

During this past week it as rained easily 8+ inches. The Rachio decided to run during it’s scheduled time on Friday even though we had already received at least 2+ inches by the time it started. I haven’t changed any of the settings, so I don’t know why it was running during the storm. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @Jrgeorge40 - SO sorry to hear about this! How far away is your station? Have you seen issues like this before or is it the first time? Also, I’m going to have our team check to make sure your currently selected station is reporting correctly!

-Lo :rachio:

Hi @Jrgeorge40!

We’ve looked into your controller and believe that you didn’t have Weather Intelligence Skips enabled on your schedule prior to yesterday as we saw an update to your schedule this morning.

Normally, if you have Weather Intelligence enabled for your schedule, you should see historical no-skips in your history like so.

The next time your schedule is going to run is on Wednesday and you should see either a No Skip or Weather Intelligence skip for that day. If not, please reach out and we’ll dig deeper into it!

Cheers! :rachio: