Rachio vs Rainmachine irrigation system

Hello, I want to buy new smart sprinkler systems but I am confused between Rachio and Rainmachine. If anyone used both then please let me know which one is better.

Hello nelieto060,

May I suggest you see this video

Smart Sprinkler Controller Comparison: Rachio vs. RainMachine and more

Best of luck with your research.

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Hi @nelieto060!
That video that @DavidBQ shared gives some pretty great explanations of the different controllers on the market (and from an unbiased source!) If you have any further questions about the Rachio controller’s capabilities please let me know, and I can answer those for you.
McKynzee :rachio:

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I’m still waiting for flow sensors to be added into these ‘smart’ controllers. Hunter is leading the way with I-Core but their 2-wire flow sensors are not generic with other systems. Toro has a generic 2-wire sensor but considerably more expensive. Adding a flow sensor should not cost that much considering hall-effect flow sensors (3-wire) are fairly accurate and output a dependable signal from flow on irrigation mainlines.

Hey @ngant17-
Rachio actually does support adding a flow sensor. For more information on that, you can check out this support article: http://support.rachio.com/article/459-flow-sensors
McKynzee :rachio:


I prefer Rachio over RainMachine due to its connectivity, integrations and simple & intuitive design. The mobile application is more advanced and Rachio always improves.

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