Rachio vs Rainbird vs Sprinkl

I have an existing 5 zone sprinkler system hooked up to city water. I also collect rain water, that I run through my drip system in the front yard. I have a portable pump that I move to 2 different points to access the water. I need to automate the drip system & combine it with the city water system. Currently the drip system has manual valves that will need solenoids. I want to install my pump in my shed and bring the water to it.

I am trying to decide on a controller that will do everything I want it to do. I welcome all suggestions and am willing to look at other brands. I will also welcome bids from licensed irrigators.

The Rachio could certainly accommodate your needs. You will need to add a relay for the pump as well as a back-flow preventer to avoid contamination to your potable water system.

The Rachio has a terminal that can operate a 24volt coil for your pump relay.

You may want to consult with a qualified irrigation technician to help you out with the pump wiring. An electrician could help you as well.

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