Rachio v3 - Not able to see moisture graph or reset moisture level


Morning Team,

I have just updated to Rachio v3 and need you help on the moisture graph.

When I try to access the moisture graph of each of my zones in both the ios and web. Nothing appears. On the iOS when I try to access soil moisture graph through the zones section it shows the ‘loading moisture graph’ icon and when it disappears nothing appears. The reason for access the graph is that I need to reset the mositure level.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Rachio keeps pushing back watering even though soil moisture is at 0%?
Rachio keeps pushing back watering even though soil moisture is at 0%?

Same here - looks Like we are both in Brisbane. I have started a similar topic.


Hi Team,

Like @gurudc I am also located in Brisbane, Australia


Looks like we have the Web, iOS and Android (8.1.0) covered…


Same here in Israel :frowning:


Same here in Spain.


@eliorneeman @CesarGon @GroundedCopilot

I believe we have fixed the international moisture graph issue. Please let us know if you have any other issues.



Thanks you @franz now its work.
one more I found little bug, there is some difference between the moisture level at the app vs web gui
for example:



Thanks for this, we’ve uncovered the issue and will be releasing a fix today for this. This was pretty significant, so thank you so much for bringing to our attention.




This issue should be resolved.



All good here. One minor irritation in that the dates show as mm/dd, our standard is dd/mm any chance of adding this as an option?




Hi :frowning:
It’s happened again:


It’s influence on the flex schedule, yesterday was 22 mm of rain , and it’s looks that will run this morning …



I had our engineering team review and we have a scheduled run for tomorrow. Your current moisture is 73% and since we are watering tomorrow it will be 100%. The reason we are watering is that there is a Tuesday/Friday restriction. The system is topping your zone off with .16 (normal irrigation for this zone is .59) since it can not water again until Tuesday and has predicted the zone will be depleted before Tuesday. These screenshots show the power of flex scheduling and having restrictions :wink: