Rachio Using 100GB Bandwidth Per Month

… why would it be doing this? That is more than my Minecraft addicted kids are using. Is there any way to use a reasonable amount like <1GB/mo? What could it be downloading???

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Here is my Bandwidth usage for Sep and Oct … these numbers only include data passing to and from the internet through the WAN and not from point to point within my network.

wow! never noticed it within my network. What tool(s) where you using to measure Rachio’s usage?

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I have Rachio and my network doesn’t take near 30gb / month for Everything. And we watch movies and stream music.

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Find that hard to believe

Believe it or not, that is what is happening. Here are my bandwidth numbers for Sep & Oct … I have reviewed my logs for the past 6 months and they are all about the same. What could be causing so much bandwidth use??? And, it is mostly downloading …

Gargoyle User Management Utility … it helps me monitor my kids’ internet usage :wink:

Are you running Gen 1 or Gen 2 Rachio? Also, does Gargoyle allow you to identify which IPs your Rachio is connecting to? Is all this traffic flowing into / out of few distinct IPs or a ton of different ones?

There must be something wrong there. I have 3 Gen 2’s running, and for the last 60 days (9/7-11/5) the most one used was 100MB down and 144MB up which is measured by my Google WiFi realtime.

This is hard to believe. If you assigned the name ‘Rachio’ to a specific MAC address in your router software, double check that it is assigned to the correct MAC address. My guess is that you named a video streaming device as Rachio by accident.

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I looked at my system. I have a Unifi AP-AC-Lite Access Point for all of my WiFi traffic in my home, and thus have all of these fancy statistics that I can look up.

For my Iro2, it connected with a 2.4 GHz signal, at 57% of full strength, running a TX rate of 65 Mbps and an RX rate of 19.5 Mbps.

I turned on statistics collection for a couple of hours. I see that 16.8 kB were downloaded, and 47.2 kB were uploaded.

My Iro2 is ranked last in the list of WiFi connections to my AP in terms of bytes downloaded (or bytes uploaded) during the couple of hours… Each of my hot water heaters (also connected to the Net) transmit and receive more than my Iro2 does.

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I also have fancy AP statistics on a Unifi WiFi unit. Rachio (v2) is dead last among all the devices, using 25.3 MB total over the last 27 days, 7 MB down and 18.3 MB up.

The very low bandwidth requirement of the Iro2 means that it is a prime candidate to use cellular with, very inexpensively. Whenever someone says to me they wish they had an Iro2 but don’t because of no WiFi connectivity, I tell them to go off and get some inexpensive cellular modem, and get one of these cellular plans that hardly charge at all as long as data volume is very low. There’s no reason to hold up implementing an Iro2 in a WiFi-free environment noting how low volume the Iro2 data volume is.

Some cellular modems have a WiFi interface - you’re good to go without any other purchase. Other cellular modems have an Ethernet interface - you’ll need one more item then, a WiFi (to/from the Iro2) to Ethernet box (to/from cellular modem).

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My Gen 2 has been in standby since Nov 3rd when we had the system winterized so that may affect what I’m seeing. However, in the last 13 days of uptime (we had a storm cause a power outage before that) my unit has downloaded 2.9MB and uploaded 6.7 MB. Also getting that data from my UniFi gear.

Gen2 should be using almost NO bandwidth to poll the internet for weather periodically. I expect you have made a configuration mistake and assigned the entry “Rachio” to the wrong monitoring port.

However, these new controllers are very smart. I may have figured out how to watch porn when it is not watering.