Rachio use in Europe

What kind of schedule types have you tried using? Seasonal Shift only applies to the fixed & flex monthly schedules, as far as I know, and can be disabled under “Weather Intelligence” menu when you have your schedule(s) selected.

Via app.rach.io go to Schedule > Select your schedule > Weather Intelligence > Turn off Seasonal shift

You may also want to try flex daily schedule type. It can be configured to emulate any of the others and provides the best water savings. Flex daily schedule does not use season shift at all, instead relying on tracking the moisture levels within each zone.

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I only use fixed schedules. Something to do with legacy irrigation system where all sorts of different plants and soils on each and every zone.

The Rachio software and website both suggest Seasonal Shift works ‘in your area’ so when one installs a new Controller, one tends to read up on the latest instructions and suggestions on the software and website and it is easy to forget the email Rachio sent me some 3 years ago confirming Seasonal Shift does not work outside US and Canada!

If you leave it enabled (as is recommended by the software) you are likely to get one email for each schedule at the beginning of every month telling you that Seasonal Shift has adjusted your watering time - by 0 minutes!

I live in Belgium. Thinking about ordering one in the US.
Power supply etc. is no problem.

Does the weather forecast work over here?
Are metric values now available in the controller?



The Rachio2 is discontinued, the Rachio3 is definitely illegal to use in Europe and the the Rachio3e may or may not be illegal but does not support HomeKit.

Even ignoring all that you will be rewarding Rachio despite their failure to provide a legal product with a proper localised power supply. These are issues they have been aware of for years.

See the post earlier in this thread by Pedro.

I am interested in the Rachio3 but not in its current illegal form.

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So in Spain, while ignoring seasonal data going back 30 years, can the Rachio 3 still use the daily weather forecast to stop or reduce the amount of watering based on the current weather ? And then, usage is more finely tuned by having access to data from a local PWS ?

Rachio currently primarily interested in Rain data from the local PWS. In that regard, using flex daily type schedule will accurately track the rainfall data even if forecast data may not be completely accurate.

Ok, and if the weather will be dry and hot, is it able to track this and ensure that grass is adequately watered. And then, during the cooler times of the year, water less ?

As far as I know it’s very hard to find a power adapter in Europe. Pretty bad fact for europeans.

Thanks for the post Pedro.
I’ve actually bought a Rachio 3 and obviously, it did not work with the original power adapter.

I then bought another power adapter (AC/AC, UK type since I’m the UAE) but when I tried, it, the appliance started to fry. Output is correct, input may be the issue (240V, 50Hz)? No idea as I’m not a technician.

Anyway, after reaching out to support and pointing out that the sale happened through Amazon’s website for the UAE (yes they told me exactly what you said!), they offered me a product replacement.

I’m going to give it another shot.

The output must be 24v AC and NOT 240v AC @ about 1A (1,000 mah)

And you will see many 24v DC but 24v AC are more difficult to find. But most irrigation systems use 24v AC for solenoids.