Rachio to be instsalled next week :)

My Rachio is to be installed next week, looking forward to finally working with it. Any suggestions or pitfalls I should look for or avoid? By the way, I am installing it outdoors and I am using the Rachio Enclosure as well.

I just got mine in the mail today to replace my WeatherTrak smart controller. Dropped the box onto the wall and did a direct wire. A did grab the metal grommet from the previous box which I installed into the plastic box so that the AC cord was captured and not just loosely stuffed into a hole. that was probably the biggest omission that I feel was there on the unit. I do also wish that the other hole was threaded like my last box which would allow for an easier seal but I’m sure all will be fine.

Other than that activation was easy. I simply went through the zone wizard and had them setup in short order. Then created a daily flexible schedule with only Sunday off to allow for a known dry day for mowing. All has gone very smoothly and so far the schedules seem to be in line with what I’d expect (except for a bit longer than I’m used to). But that was interesting… I found that the spray rotor head that was in there by default had 0.7 in/hr as the default. My previous unit had 0.65 in/hr… However upon looking at the spec on Hunter’s website it said 0.4 in/hr. I even did a 15 minute test and got about 0.1 in of water in that time. Thus I guess I’ve been under watering a bit…

I find that this unit tends to water longer for less often which is good for deep root growth my last unit did that too but this one “feels” like its a bit more extreme in this endeavor. Only time will tell on if this works but we’re about to go into the rainy season so it won’t be until next year that I really get to see how that all goes.

I do wish there was a way to set a zone as under cover so as to explain that its in the temperature and the sun but it does not get rain.

All in all so far so good on my setup though.

Some kind of an “Ignore rainfall” per zone setting? I know my Rainbird had that.

It does’t exist in Rachio. Although from what I gather they are “working on it”. But being that they entered into Beta 7 months ago and it still not out? Something tells me its not going well.