Rachio Thrive

A new item called Rachio Thrive just popped up on my home screen. When I hit the Learn More button nothing happens. What is this?


Here is the relevant section which explains the program:

What is Rachio Thrive?

Rachio’s new lawn care plan focuses on naturally building roots and innovating soil nutrition to create the strongest foundation for a lush, sustainable lawn which can dramatically improve soil and plant health. It’s designed to replace traditional fertilizers (which are often synthetic and harmful) with kid-and-pet-safe, complete nutrition for your lawn. When you purchase, you’ll receive tailored lawn treatments that are safe and easy to apply, delivered to your door.

Here is what others wrote on this program:


Understood…Thank you!

Hey @SteveKovner!

Just curious, when you tapped learn more, did you see a 404 page or did nothing happen at all? Do you mind trying again now?


The next page as shown below comes up but when I click on “Learn More” nothing happens. I can click on “Have an Activation Code” and it prompts me for a code, but when I click on “Learn More” nothing happens.


Hi @SteveKovner, can you please check if you have app updates available in PlayStore? It looks like you are on a slightly older app version.

OK… I downloaded and installed Version 4.0.3 and the “Learn More” button on Rachio Thrive now works. Thanks