Rachio Technical Support

Rachio device is stuck on 3rd light (blinking). I ran RouteThis Helps app to provide the info technical support needs. There were a few tickets open but I am not able to get any updates on them. The ones I can view they are closed without any resolution.

I can’t find a direct call in number for Rachio Support. This is getting pretty annoying. Last message from Rachio I got was that issue is being escalated. I am not sure if this is just me or anyone else has the same experience. I am to a point where I may just get a new device and it certainly won’t be Rachio.

Mine is flashing also. I submitted ticket yet have not heard back.i have a brand new 12 zone gen 3 unit. What is the RouteThis Helps app? [quote=“Mzkhan, post:1, topic:23605”]
RouteThis Helps app

You can download this app from App Store or Google Play store.
This runs some diagnostics on your network and Rachio device connectivity and capture routing info.
When you download this app you get a key which you can send it to Rachio Support (if they ever look at it).

I am not sure why they close the tickets without getting confirmation from the user. So unprofessional !

It’s asking for a 4 digit code that rachio is suppose to give me?

I never got the code so I can’t run the app. Please advise

Here you go : RACH