Rachio Support Kudos

I had a very delightful experience with rachio support over the past 2 weeks.
My rachio stopped working. Opening up the box and i had a single white light.
tried a bunch of things, including the instructions for factory reset. Nothing worked.

Emailed support and they had me do a couple of quick tests (similar to what i did) as well as send them a picture of the bar code + a copy of my sales reciept. Fairly quickly they determined that the unit had to be replaced, they sent me a new unit and an email explaining that i should not touch my old units configuration so it could be copied over.

i installed the new unit, being careful to connect the valves exactly the same way as the old unit. Once i had it up and running it asked me if i wanted to copy settings from the old controller. I did that and voila, i had my new rachio up and running exactly the same way as my old one.

Super happy with how smooth the support experience was, and even more happy about not having to recreate each zone by hand. Also appreciated how fast support operated, this was in the spring so my lawn could live without water but in the heat of the summer speed would of course be everything.

Kudos to the support team and kudos to rachio for having a well thought through migration experience, it was completely seamless. I sincerely hope this reaches the support team, i really enjoyed their professionalism.