Rachio suddenly stopped functioning

My Rachio has worked perfectly for the last few years, but suddenly it has stopped. :frowning:

My unit says its working and the app says it is watering zones, but none of them turn on anymore. I haven’t changed or touched the wiring or any of the plumbing/water. I’ve tried reprogramming the unit, changing app settings and power cycling the system but the system will not water. I have tried to manually turn on one zone, and the app shows it is functioning, but there is no water. I physically am able to get zones watering from the controller (not Rachio, the manual controller).

I have a version 1 Racho with 16 zones (I was one of the very first buyers).

Hey @kvasnic-

When you say “get zones watering with the manual controller”, do you mean an old controller you have? Just want to make sure I understand!

McKynzee :rachio: