Rachio suddenly not watering

I recently installed a gen 2 and it worked twice before it suddenly stopped working. Now, when I test run a zone, it shows in the app that it is watering and I also here the solenoid buzz, but no water comes out. What makes this weird is that all 3 zones are not watering. I checked the resistance on one of the solenoids and it was 27 ohms which is good. I also tried turning the solenoids and the little flap with the on/off labeling on it as well as the valves and the bleed screws to manually turn on the zones but none of them worked. The master valve is also in the open position.
I’ve read a bunch of threads with the same problem but none of the solutions there worked for me.
I have attached some photos the solenoids and the controller if the make a difference.

If you aren’t getting water when manually running the valves (at the valves), and this is the same for all the valves, my money is on the water supply to the irrigation system being shut off. Has someone done some plumbing work on the house and inadvertently shut off the water?

As a side note, for those valves to truly work “properly” (eliminate backflow), they really should be installed higher, as they should be about a foot higher than the highest output sprinkler or drip. This isn’t causing your issue, but for future reference if you ever need to replumb.

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@tmcgahey What does backflow do? Ours are installed a foot under ground and seem to work fine. We are on a well so the water is not shared with the house, but would they work better if they were higher?

Thanks for your response. I only know about the water supply to the whole house which I know is in the open position.

@wafflesngravy, the valve itself wouldn’t necessarily function any differently, but the type of anti-siphon valve posted by the OP would needs to be installed higher than the highest emitter in the system in order to keep water from back flowing into the water system. Sprinkler systems can harbor some pretty nasty things since they can sit stagnant for long periods of time. In your case, being on a well that is only servicing the sprinkler system, probably not an issue. If you shared your potable with that well, or were on city water, then it would be more important.

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@backslashv, chances are there is shutoff valve somewhere in the irrigation system. Can you find any other valve, possibly plumbed off a hose bibb somewhere?

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That was it. I shut off that valve myself not knowing it controls the whole irrigation system. I thought it only controls the hose connected to it. Thank you so much for your help.

just curious, is that what’s known as the “master valve”?