Rachio Still Amazing After All This Time

It’s been a while since I’ve been active in this community. But after just successfully deploying the Hose Timer this season, I had to give kudos to the Rachio team.

For one, my Gen 2 Rachio I installed in 2018 is STILL running like a champ. I kind of feel bad never upgrading. It’s been keeping my fruit trees alive and, for the first time ever, it’ll be watering an avocado tree with actual SET avocados. That’s like five years in the making! Anyway, the Rachio Gen 2 is an amazing box.

Second, the hose timer set right up after a winter of the hub being unplugged and the hose timer being without batteries. I was expecting to re-pair the hub and timer. The hub and the timer both successfully received firmware updates. And the timer itself still works like it is brand new despite last summer’s blistering heat and solar UV. It is very well constructed. So the timer is back in service this summer to keep my front yard native plants from being completely scorched by summer and… to protect our house from neighborhood fireworks this July 4 (ugh). I will admit that often I will turn on the daisy-chained Melnor Minimax sprinklers just to chase cats out from my shrubs, hah!

So I’m super grateful for Rachio.

I’ll try to be active here again. But, you know, life :melting_face:


Good to hear from you @Kubisuro , and thank you for the updates!

Glad things are continuing to work well.

Don’t hesitate to ever reach out.

Hope you have a great watering season!


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