Rachio sprinkler wire voltage too low

Hi I just installed a 1st gen rachio 8 zone, and I could not get any of my valve to stay open. I could hear the valve opening for a fraction of a second then closing. I have 4 valves installed so far and same problem with all 4.
I rechecked with a short 15" sprinkler wire near the unit just to make sure my wires are good (I use 18 gauge new wires).
I used a voltmeter to check and the voltage for all my zones came up at ~0.6V (was expecting 24V).
Was wondering if I did anything wrong in the installation or if this is a defective unit.
Everything else is working.

@ahothan If you can send before/after wiring pictures to support@rachio.com they should be able to help troubleshoot.