Rachio Sprinkler Heads

any reviews or comments on the Rachio sprinkler heads I keep getting ads for. Are they as easy to install and as adjustable as they claim. They come in three sizes and I’m about to order some. Thanks

They are actually K-Rain heads, just Rachio partnered with them to offer them through their store, and Rachio is pre-loaded with the precipitation data for them specifically.

I have not used these exact ones, but the rotator nozzle design is my favorite. Easier to adjust, and more uniform pattern than a spray nozzle, and less susceptible to wind and whatnot.

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I order 9 of these and am not impressed. the specified range is shorter that what is advertised and you can’t get a complete 360 out of them, more like 340.
The were easy to install if you have the correct stem to screw them on, and easy to adjust just not getting the advertised range. i bought mostly the 16-19 because my old heads were on 16’ with some overlap, now i barely reach the next head with the rotator set to max.

Good to know you experience. Do you know what your water pressure it? I know that can affect the range.