Rachio Sprinkler Controller Pilot Study in Plano (suburb of Dallas)

Just found out about this today. Stumbled upon it on the City of Plano’s website (repeated the posting below). This is the city I live in, just north of Dallas.

Don’t know what the conclusions of the study were, nor do I know if this was a Ver 1 or Ver 2 or either study.

This is from July, 2016 (last year).

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“The City of Plano is embarking on a pilot study to gather information on the performance of a product intended to help residents properly set sprinkler run times and manage watering schedules.”

“The use of sprinklers to supplement rainfall in the hot, dry summer can help plants thrive. However, overwatering is common, as run times for various zones are often set too high. This leads to substantial water waste due to runoff.”

“The goal of the pilot study is to gauge the water-saving potential of a “smart” irrigation controller. The selected Rachio™ Smart Sprinkler Controller uses information about the various zones in your yard (plant type, sprinkler type, etc.) to determine run times and properly set cycle and soak watering. Plus, with the power of Wi-Fi to capture real-time, local weather information, the controller knows how much water is needed on your watering day, if any.”

“As of July 5, 2016 the call for participants has ended. Selected participants will be notified by July 15. …”


I want one of these signs!


This is sign is put into resident yards in the City of Frisco, TX after they install and certify they have a ‘smart controller.’ The sign allows for relaxed rules for outside watering (like watering allowed any day of week).

Frisco is the next northward city from Plano, TX. I don’t know if Rachio, Ver 1 or 2, is on their ‘certified controller’ list.

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@a0128958 Thank you for sharing that from the City of Plano’s website- I will look deeper into that and see if I can find the results for you. I would be incredibly interested to see them as well!

PS- We are an approved smart controller for Frisco’s Water Wise program! This link gives you the two different applications (one for new systems with smart controllers, one for retrofitted systems) and where to send them in order to become a part of that program!

McKynzee :rachio:

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@a0128958- Just an update, we cannot currently access Plano’s results from their study. Once they finish evaluating their data and publish something I will make sure to make everyone aware of their findings!

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