Rachio Smart Smart Hose Timer

I just setup the smart hose timers on my iPad. I have a gen III controller as well. The controller device shows up on my iPad and iPhone, yet the timers only show on my iPad. I set the timers up on the iPad. Anyone know how to get then to show up on my iPhone?

The latest update fixed this…

Did you connect your Smart Hose Timer directly to Rachio 3 without a “HUB”?

The Rachio 3 does not have the Bluetooth interface. So, the Hub is required for the Timer. In the matter of fact, one can be using Timers and Hubs without a Rachio 3 or visa versa. The do not talk to each other. Will any of this change in the future, who knows?

Wdreinh’s issue was not being able to see the smart hose timer on multiple devices that are using the same rachio account, and evidently that’s fixed. However, what is not currently supported is sharing access across different accounts, the way you can with the standard sprinkler controllers. I spoke to Customer Support yesterday: they say it’s on the list of future features, but have no timeline for when this would be implemented.

So, if I wanted both myself and my wife’s phones to be able to control the Smart Hose Timer, we can’t? Will it only connect to one phone?

I came here to figure out why it worked with the sprinkler system but not the SHT. It looks like I should have chosen a different solution!

Maybe if your wife logged in with your Rachio account credentials she would see the hose timer? I’m assuming she’s using her own account that is granted access to the Gen 3. If she’s already using your credentials then that’s the end of my ability to help.

Good call. I’ll give that a try!