Rachio Smart Hose Timer functionality

I recently purchased a Rachio Smart Hose Timer to use as a pool filler to replace an Orbit B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub that was damaged by my landscaper.

So when I came to learn about the Rachio Smart Hose Timer it made perfect sense to consolidate my needs/uses in the same app.

However, I learned that the Rachio Smart Hose Timer cannot “meter water”. Now, according to their sell sheet it reads…

Does the valve have a flow meter?
Yes. The valve has a flow meter which will check to ensure flow is present, and notify you no flow is detected. We have not made any announcements regarding the implementation of real time flow monitoring at this time.

Well, I guess it’s an issue with syntax. Having stated it has a flow meter to me would indicate that it would “meter” or count the amount of water that flows through it. Orbits website states… “The built-in flow meter allows you to track water usage”. Their flow meter allows for that to be tracked in gallons used along with time.
So, I am returning my Rachio “smart” hose timer and returning to use the Orbit Smart Hose Faucet Timer. Though my only complaint is that the app interface is a bit clunky.

I’m hoping that Rachio’s R&D department is listening.

I struggle to believe that there is a true flow meter built into the physical size and price point of the Orbit unit that can accurately measure gallons of flow. My guess is that it uses the presence of flow and time to calculate usage similar to how a normal Rachio controller calculates usage.